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Satisfaction Guarantee


Sorry, we will never discount our CrossFit gym memberships. We think it is disrespectful to our members who pay our fees.

So why do other gyms discount their memberships on Groupon or on social media advertising with largely discounted prices?  That answer is pretty simple… they have to.  Their classes are empty. Fill them quickly or risk shutting down.

We understand the concerns people have when starting CrossFit for the first time.  Will I like it?  Is this the right gym for me?  I don’t want to commit to something that I may not wish to continue.  Theses concerns can and should be discussed at length.

At Liger, we know we are not like the rest of the gyms out there.  We are so confident that if you are willing to just try, you will find that you like it.  We are offering any new member a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE membership. If you are not 100% satisfied with your membership with us we will, without question, refund 100% of your membership back to you and immediately cancel your membership.

Rules of the Guarantee:

– You must attend 7 classes within the first 2 week period.
– Not everybody forms a true opinion of CrossFit after 1 or even 2 classes….we all need to experience CrossFit several times to truly appreciate it.  Workouts change daily.  Your experience requires more than one visit.
– Cancel your membership 24 hours prior to the 2 week renewal via email to
– We’d appreciate the feedback of why, but not necessary.

How to get Started:

Click on the “TRY A CLASS” box to the left.  Fill out the waiver and select your class.  If after that complimentary class you are willing to give us a try, we will start your two weeks.  We look forward to seeing you at Liger!
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