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Photo of Kim Bunner

Kim Bunner

RJM Custom Homes


rjm-homes-200As a member of Crossfit Liger, I understand how important it is to make sure that the mind, body, and spirit are all as fit as can be. As crossfitters, we exercise healthy, eat healthy, and should habitat healthy too!

At RJM Custom Homes, my team and I build custom homes for families throughout South Florida.…

Photo of Mrs. Hanna Locker

Mrs. Hanna Locker

State Farm Insurance Agency Owner

State-farm-logoHanna Locker is the owner of her own State Farm Insurance Agency. When Hanna got into the insurance industry she didn’t like that it was dominated by high pressure sales tactics to get customers to buy what was in the best interest of the agency. Hanna eventually moved over to State Farm where customer satisfaction has always been the number one metric.…

Photo of John Maples

John Maples

Financial Advisor, CLTC

Northwestern Mutual Logo

I Specialize in Creating Financial Plans for Your Business and Family.
For many business owners and busy professionals, there’s little time left after career and family to deal with personal finances. Unfortunately, being too busy can be costly.

Perhaps you’ve saved some money, bought some life insurance or invested in the market.…

Photo of Dr. Arnold E Robinson III

Dr. Arnold E Robinson III

Websites & Marketing

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